SHPE latinXfactor™: Sharpen Your Professional Edge is a series of carefully curated webinars for students and professionals who are early in their career. These monthly workshops equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to make the transition from being a student in STEM to successfully navigating the unwritten rules of the workplace.

This year, we remain committed to keeping this resource accessible to all members. The online format ensures they can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Watch parties are encouraged. And the program is available for free, guaranteeing students and professionals alike can register without worry.

The goal of each webinar is to help each participant identify that special something—that X-factor within themselves—and how to use it to excel as a student, a professional, and leader. The content is grounded in the LeaderSHPE Model which focuses on personal, organizational, and community leadership. Of the workshops offered in 2019, five included IPC (Industry Partnership Council) panelists, four lifetime SHPE members, and 3 subject matter experts.

LatinXfactor served 1,416 current and future Hispanic STEM leaders over the course of 13 webinars

In 2019, SHPE integrated our webinar offerings with our other signature programs while keeping them relevant. This resulted in a special latinXfactor series preparing attendees for the National Convention Career Fair. Titles included: The Job Seeker’s Toolkit, Ace the Interview & Land the Job, Dress for Success, First 90 Days on the Job, and How To Slay the Career Fair.

In all, latinXfactor served 1,416 current and future Hispanic STEM leaders over the course of 13 webinars. 90% of attendees found the material related directly to their interest. Over 73% said they would recommend latinXfactor to a friend or colleague. These strong results provide a foundation to grow on in future years.


“The March latinXfactor webinar was a refreshing opportunity to hear about Diana Ortega’s professional journey. We were able to not only learn from her experiences, but also discuss and reflect on where we all are and what we can do to achieve our goals in our respective fields.”​

Cristina Cantero, Committee Vice Chair for SHPEtinas